Have you tried the new hemp masks from Cure By Design?


While we've tried on a nearly every synthetic and natural face mask in the market, these hemp masks have a lot of advantages going for it.


For instance:


Comfort: The ear holds are made of interwoven yarn, which is flexible, but doesn't strain your ears. We've had no problems keeping this mask on for long hours at a time!


Breathable: The breathability of this mask is thick enough to stop water droplets and other germs from exiting or entering your system, while also providing enough oxygen exchange so you don't feel suffocated


Anti-mold: Hemp is naturally mold resistant, so you won't find any green gunk accumulating at the sides from neglecting your mask


U.V Resistant: This mask is also naturally u.v resistant thanks to being made from 100% Hemp


Thermo Regulatory: These masks do a great job in making sure you don't heat up or freeze up due to breath and weather changes, it feels just like a second skin


Reusable: You can either wash this mask in your machine, but handwashing this mask in hot water would be the best way to increase its longevity! Don't feel like washing it by hand also? You can then just submerge this mask in a mug of boiling water, and it gets sanitized effectively!


We're super impressed with these masks and the versatility it's shown in our use and abuse of it!


Definitely one of our most highly recommended new products!

100% Hemp Masks


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