Product Details:

  • 5 Meter Roll
  • Flavour
  • Made of Pure Hemp
  • Natural Sugar Gum


Product Description:
Rolling your cigarettes has become a trend in today’s generation, and with this popular trend, the market is loaded with different flavours and sizes of cigarette rolling paper. With all other different flavours available in the market, HBI came up with a cannabis flavour cigarette paper roll for people to enhance their roll while rolling as this cigarette paper leaves slight taste behind. The cannabis flavour roll is made up of pure hemp with a cannabis leaf print all over the paper.



Flavour: This cigarette paper roll by HBI has a cannabis flavour that will lit up your rolling and smoking experience. The magical cannabis flavour of roll will make you go crazy while rolling every rollout of the smoking paper roll and for a perfect cigarette roll you can use a Rolling Machine.


Made of Pure Hemp: HBI has its smoking paper manufactured out of organic substances. These cannabis rolling paper rolls are made up of organic hemp for a better smoking experience. Many brands in the market deal with fake smoking accessories and rolling paper that spoils the smoking experience of smokers.


Natural Gum: The gum used in these flavoured paper is natural gum, which is extracted from plants and is made in Spain, the birthplace rolling papers.


Dimension: 16.4ft x 44mm. These Flavoured Smoking Paper rolls give you an extra excuse to roll your smoke. Rolls give you full freedom to make super long or small smoke, according to your preference. One can enjoy that delicious flavoured smoke in preferred size.

Cannabis Flavoured Rolls (5 meters)

PriceFrom ₹350.00
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