Nirvanaa White Luxury Pre Rolled cones are made from the finest quality pure Organic Hemp papers and are rolled perfectly to give you a 100% Pure Organic Experience. It is as convenient as it can get as they are pre rolled and just need to get filled in and are ready to be used. The Paper is 100% Organic hemp,Unbleached and Unrefined. Our Paper in turn, burns much slower than the rest pleasuring you with a complete content to your smoking experience. No added flavors which in turn keeps the basic aroma intact, neither do you consume toxins. The gum used is 100% natural as well. Naturally extracted Honey Gum is used as an adhesive on the papers which again play no effect to the natural flavor of the herb. At Nirvanaa, we take our product very seriously. From the feel of our paper to the taste of our gum, everything has been hand selected and tested time and again to ensure that our customers get the best smoking experience possible. Let’s begin the awesome journey and Pass it On!


  • Individual Luxury Pre Rolled King size Hemp Cones
  • Pure Organic Hemp Fiber Paper
  • Unbleached and slow burning
  • Natural and Pure Organic Honey Gum

Nirvanaa White Luxury Pre Rolled King Size Hemp Paper Cones

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