A Good Rolling Paper is made from natural materials, which improves the quality of the J and in turn, your overall Smoking Experience. Because YES, that does matter to us here, at Rolling Right.


No Bleach. No Chemicals. No Nonsense. At Rolling Right we only use 100% Pure & 100% Natural Wood Pulp to manufacture all of our Rolling Papers. Our Papers are made without any chemical materials or treatments that improve combustion, hence drastically reducing the possible harm and also the aftertaste of your smoke.


Wood Pulp is extremely Solid. The handy texture, superb tensile strength and the fact that our 12.5 GSM King Size Slim Rolling Papers are one of the thinnest on the market, makes them convenient for both Beginners as well as the Slickest of Smoking Connoisseurs! Our Papers have a MBR or Medium Burn Rate. They also hold their shape exceptionally well. Even in the presence of a little humidity, shaky or sweaty hands, Rolling Right has definitely got you folks covered! We use Wood Pulp as they are the most popular Rolling Papers, and this has been true for over a century now. Likewise, only the purest most unadulterated Arabic Gum lines these premium papers of ours. Regularised Lab Tests, Detailed Quality Control Checks promises you of the Perfect Rolling Paper that's just SORTED in every way.


All of this combined with that fact that our scientifically tested Criss Cross Watermark smoothly weaves along the entire length of our Paper, ensures that you are delivered with possibly the Best No-Nonsense Smoking Experience out there. Gone are your days of smoking Over-priced and Over-hyped products that just try a bit too hard, to do one thing. Keep those J's, Rolling Right! We are not only here to bring back, but also keep the age old tradition going and to provide you with nothing but the best quality Rolling Papers out there.


Namaste! - Rolling Right Team 'Gotta Keep Rollin'


MBR - Medium Burn Rate
No Bleach. No Chemicals. No Nonsense.

Rolling Right King Size Premium

PriceFrom ₹50.00
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