This blend is a testament to our immense love for life and works as an alternative to tobacco.
A mixture of 17 herbs & flowers - it is carefully curated with the help of yogis, doctors, and Vedic texts to give you a pleasant and unique smoking experience.  As well as activating feelings of euphoria and relaxation, our Holy Smoke mix has natural properties that help reduce your nicotine dependence.


Useful properties:

- Relaxation - Euphoria - Focus & concentration - Spiritual awareness - Mood uplifter - Aid to quit tobacco



- Roll it into smoking paper & ignite to smoke.

- A spoon of Holy Smoke can also be brewed as tea in hot water, let it brew for 10 mins. Tea can be rescued to brewed 2 to 3 times again. Add honey for taste.

- You can add this mix to your hot bath as well for a detox.


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YGEIAX Holy Smoke Herbal Blend | 30gm

PriceFrom ₹675.00

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